Outdoormania belongs to the Skimania brand,, the most visited Romanian winter sports related website. When it comes about the category of skiing and snowboarding it is not only a market leader in terms of content, but as well as in the number of visitors.

Statistics show that those who are skiing in the winter periode, in summertime change their main activities to trekking, mountaineering, hiking, mountain biking, rafting, windsurf, riding, climbing, camping and other lesuire activities.

The Outdoormania`s tasks is to create and open new possibilities with useful and interesting information to help those who are looking for these kind of activities, to find the right destination, traveler partner, accommodations, insurance, useful tips and other services they may need.

Outdoormania has the same management as Skimania, which, since 2005 is based on a great experience, tradition, hard work and dedication. If you are interested in advertising on, the place for those who love outdoor activities, we can offer you the right solution and a personalised offer.

We are proud to say that:
    * is part of brand, the market leader in specialized winter sports portal in Romania
    * from the year 2005 the same management is continuously improved not only its content but as well its provided services, offering its experience in developing in numbers:
    * in use since 2011
    * over 7900 registered users in the databased – user from portal

Why advertise on
    * your advertise will reach the targeted group, your goal being the outdoor sport's orientated category of users
    * through our website you have access to a large open range of users
    * our price for advertising is below the market charge
    * for all the companies in this field, like travel agencies, specialized shops, hotels, resorts and others we offer flexible solutions and head starts packages
    * a qualified personnel will make sure that your publicity campaign will be successful

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