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About Outdoormania - The online outdoor resource in Romania

Outdoormania belongs to the brand Skimania.ro, the most visited Romanian winter sports related website. When it comes about the category of skiing and snowboarding it is not only a market leader in terms of content, but as well as in the number of visitors.

In Romania, skiing is considered to be the second most popular outdoor sport after soccer. Over 2.5 million people out of the population of 22 million spent at least one week skiing or snowboarding. Statistics show that those who are skiing in the winter periode, in summer periode they are looking to spend their holidays abroad, in the mountains. Many surveys from our database, show that the main activities people are interested are such as trekking, mountaineering, hiking, mountain biking, rafting, windsurf, riding, climbing, camping and other lesuire activities.

This new outdoor portal offer possibilities with useful and interesting information to help those who are looking for these kind of activities, to find the right destination, traveler partner, accommodations, insurance, useful tips and other services they may need. All these are based on the experience, tradition and hard work behind the successful ski portal, Skimania.

If you want to reach the audience of those who are looking for outdoor activities and lesuire  holidays on the web, this is the perfect channel!

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